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Disney memories in May: Wordless Wednesday

Today’s Disney Wordless Wednesday theme is “May Calendar Shot”.

We frequently visit Orlando this time of year and 2011 was no exception. These photos bring back some special Disney memories in May. It’s also very topical for this week too!

In 2011, Will and Kate (yes, that Will and Kate) were getting married back home in the UK while we were in Walt Disney World. Yup, we were missing the Royal Wedding.

Fortunately it was shown on US TV too, however it was during our wander of the World Showcase in Epcot that day that we were also greeted with this scene.

Disney memories in May: Wordless Wednesday
Making Disney memories - Union Jacks decorate the streets of the UK Pavilion in Epcot on the day of Will and Kate's Royal Wedding back in 2011
Union Jacks decorate the UK Pavilion during the Royal Wedding

Such a surprise! It hadn’t occurred to either of us at all that the Royal Wedding would be celebrated anywhere else except back home in the United Kingdom.


Union Jacks lining the side streets of the UK Pavilion in Epcot in 2011 in celebration of Will and Kate's Royal Wedding
Flags hang from nearly every lamp post in the area

It was very cool to see our national flag lining all the ‘streets’ of the UK pavilion.


Well wishing of a more personal nature from the UK Cast Members in Epcot in 2011 during the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate
Well wishing of a more personal nature from the UK Cast Members

I also loved, loved, loved this message from the UK Cast Members. So simply done with chalk, but felt much more personal. In case you have trouble reading it, it just says:

Congratulations William and Kate!!!

Just as appropriate this week with the birth of Princess Charlotte at the weekend.

It also featured a crown, a wedding bell and a giant heart (on the right hand side but mostly out of shot as it was so big).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my own special Disney memories for this week’s May Calendar Shot(s) for Wordless Wednesday. If you’ve not seen them already, you might also want to view my previous posts, Looking for a Sign, Disney Nature and Disney Storytelling too.

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