Thursday, June 20

Looking For A Sign: Disney Wordless Wednesday

This story begins last week when I happened to discover the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. This led me to the main host, Focused on the Magic – a Disney Fan site. Hmm, an excuse to post my Disney photos? Ok, sign me up!!

Now as I do have a bit of ‘a thing’ for photos of signs, I am taking this week’s subject – Looking For A Sign – literally. It’s been really hard narrowing this down to only TEN photos, so I’ve tried to include some unusual ones. Can you guess where they were taken? 😀

Looking for a sign at Disney Hollywood Studios
If you’re looking for a sign, be sure to look up sometimes
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Watch your step…
Future World Epcot
Too cool for….?
The Emporium in Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World
Are Pooh and Co amassing an army to take over the World? (Yes, yes they are)
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Aren’t Disney great at making new things look old?
Disney's Boardwalk Duelling Piano Bar
This looks so different when it’s lit up at night
Magic Kingdom welcomes people to it's Halloween Party
My favourite time of year to visit
Uk Pavilion in Epcot
Did you know Walt Disney World has a Twin Town?
Magic Kingdom train transport in Walt Disney World
This is a nice easy one
World Showcase in Epcot
The atmosphere of this area is so different at night

Ok, I am now officially forcing myself to stop otherwise I’ll be posting photo’s all day, haha.

It’s been great to have an opportunity to share a few of my Walt Disney World photo’s with you all and that you have some fun figuring out where they were all taken. I will update this post in the near future with all the answers, so be sure to pop back again soon for those.

If you’ve enjoyed my Looking For A Sign post for Disney Wordless Wednesday then you might also be interested in my Disney Nature version too. If you’ve not visited already then I recommend you check out our host (just hit the blue icon below), which also links to the other participants of the Blog Hop – tons of photos.

I’m also taking part in A Cornish Mum’s April “10 Things” Link Up for the first time, so be sure to go check her out too!

I would love to hear which photo was your favourite and see your guesses about their locations in the comments below 🙂



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