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10 photos of Walt Disney World (and they may surprise you if you’ve never been)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a teensy bit of a Walt Disney World fan. I know, right? Total shocker. There are no clues whatsoever to give it away.

The Walt Disney World Resort covers nearly 40 Square miles. Imagine that. For context that’s roughly the size of San Francisco! Basically, it’s huge, so it’s a teensy bit frustrating when people assume it’s only the Magic Kingdom (and therefore think it’s only for kids).

These day’s it’s almost a hobby of mine to try and break that stereotype. What better way than by sharing some of my photos of Walt Disney World?

So sit back and have a browse. You might just be surprised by what you see – unless you’ve already been to Walt Disney World and seen it for yourself.

10 surprising photos of Walt Disney World

Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. A quiet garden tucked away in the Japan Pavilion in Epcot, Walt Disney World.

Hidden away up a path in the Japan Pavilion in Epcot is this small seating area with tables, chairs and umbrella’s. Usually fairly quiet, it’s trees and shrubbery make it easy to forget you’re in the middle of a bustling theme park.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. In the Asia area of Disney's Animal Kingdom, the pathway is decorated with little flags and fairy lights - particularly pretty after dark.

Sometimes all you need to do is look up to see a different perspective. In the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the pathways are decorated with colourful flags and fairy lights. It’s particularly atmospheric at dusk, but is pretty even on the greyest of days.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. Living with the Land attraction in Epcot is not only a ride, but it takes you through the large greenhouses where agricultural techniques are put to the test. Most of the produce grown here are served in Epcot's restaurants.

What’s that? You didn’t expect to see a huge greenhouse with lots of fruit and veggies growing in a theme park? Tut, tut.

Genuine agricultural and farming techniques are put to the test and can all be seen if you visit the Living with the Land attraction. They’ve even worked with NASA. Most of the produce grown in the greenhouses are served in Epcot’s own restaurants.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. The Morocco Pavilion in Epcot - the World Showcase painstakingly reproduces the architecture of the countries it represents.

Epcot’s World Showcase is, by design, meant to give you a taste of what it’s like to live in other countries around the world. While it may be a little stereo-typical at times, there is no doubting the efforts made with it’s architecture. This is the Morocco Pavilion. I ate at one of the restaurants here too and was super-impressed!


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. The animal hospital at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

What’s that? You didn’t expect to see a working animal hospital in a theme park? Tut, tut.

Ok, I know, I’m being a smarty-pants now aren’t I? Haha!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom obviously has a huge amount of animals living there. The larger ones are looked after in their enclosures, but the smaller are frequently brought here for check-ups. A big glass window means you can watch as the vets are working.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom. Onepennytourist.comThe Walt Disney World Railroad makes a complete circuit around the Magic Kingdom. You can take the train and get off at one of the stations in a different area of the park.

Or, you can do like we do – just go along for the ride and get a peek behind the scenes.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. The 'waterfall' at Epcot's Canada Pavilion. OnePennyTourist.comBack to Epcot. The World Showcase theming isn’t limited to the type of architecture you saw in Morocco. Efforts are also made with trees, shrubs and landscaping – like this waterfall near the back of the Canada Pavilion.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. Disney's Animal Kingdom - waterside seating. OnePennyTourist.comTucked away to the side of a path in Animal Kingdom is this little ‘dock’. Sheltered from the sun, there is seating and pretty views. It’s surprisingly quiet considering it’s proximity to a major footpath. Many upgrades are currently being made to the park, including the addition of a show to the waterway. I’m hoping my little oasis survives!


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. Streets of America in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

If you head straight to the back of the park before everyone else arrives, you’ll get to experience the empty Streets of America in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Buildings and forced perspective means it’s not hard to imagine you’re standing on a city street.

As long as you ignore the Golden Gate Bridge being up high on a hill, anyhow.


Surprising photos of Walt Disney World. One of the fountain's at Epcot at night. OnePennyTourist.comWith people gravitating towards Epcot’s World Showcase at night, it’s easy to miss Future World coming to life after dark. It’s a whole new beautiful look.


Did these photos of Walt Disney World surprise you? I bet some weren’t what you expected, were they? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.  😉

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