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Zazzling Ideas: Gift Inspiration for October 30th

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Zazzling Ideas: Year Round Gift Inspiration for Traveller's and more.

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Zazzling Ideas: Gift Inspiration for October 30th

One of my own designs – I like softer pastels combined with jet black as I think it really helps enhances the colour.

Pink & Blue Damask Circle On Black Throw Pillow
USA Pink & Blue Damask Circle On Black Throw Pillow by LandofHappyThings
This item isn’t available on Zazzle UK, boo!

I really love this artwork, it ticks a lot of my ‘travel-geek’ boxes, hehe. Even better is it appears on a large number of product (64 currently) meaning if the photo sculpture isn’t quite your thing, there’s plenty of other options.

One of mine – you might recall that I was suitably amused when I spotted this beer joke outside a bar in Oslo. Unsurprisingly, it seems to be a fairly popular item, hehe.


I actually have already included this one in my Facebook Daily Picks yesterday but it’s just so darn cute I had to share it here too.

Summer already seems such a distant memory *sigh*. We’re just back from a long weekend break to Somerset (Post and LOTS of photos coming soon) and the whole hotel had a ‘beach house’ decor which I adored – this clock really reminds me of it!

Who likes flowers? Me too! This is one of my own photos of a beautiful flowering tree I found in full bloom. Soooo pretty.

Perhaps no surprise seeing this as you all know I’m a bit of a Florida junkie, hehe. Though shockingly I’ve never made it to Key West! (Yet…)

I….never actually realised that! I definitely prefer desserts, LOL.

I love this shower curtain, though price is a bit ouchie – very pretty though, I’ve always had a fondness for delicate looking Japanese cherry blossom style artwork.

Floral Cherry Blossoms White Pink Shower Curtain
Floral Cherry Blossoms White Pink Shower Curtain
Sadly this item isn’t available on Zazzle UK either 🙁

Awww, what a cute Christmas gift this would make!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Zazzling Ideas: Gift Inspiration for October 30th, see you next week for more picks!

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