Wednesday, May 29

My Zazzle Corner

Hello and welcome to my Zazzle Corner!

Welcome to my Zazzle StoreZazzle is a print on demand online service that provides artists, photographers and designers the opportunity to open their own Zazzle store and sell their work on a HUGE range of gifts, clothing and household products. Buyers are also able to customise items by adding (or removing) text, allowing you to personalise unique designs even further.

I currently own TWO Zazzle stores


NOTE: If you’re in the UK, visit this OnePennyTourist Store first to see what can be purchased locally, THEN visit my US Zazzle store for additional products after as these may be subject to import duty.


My OnePennyTourist Store is home to items directly connected to the blog. I’ve been flattered to be complimented on some of my travel photos so I’ve released a selection of high resolution images for sale in various formats. Logo merchandise is also available.


I have a rather large archive of photos so definitely consider this a work in progress as I gradually select which images to add and in what format; check back often.

Visit my OnePennyTourist Travel Zazzle Store.


NOTE: If you’re in the UK visit this UK Land Of Happy Things Store first to see what can be purchased locally, THEN visit my US Zazzle store for additional products after as these may be subject to import duty.


The Land of Happy Things Store still features travel related products (for example luggage tags), but is mostly home to what I would call my ‘off topic’ designs. Consequently this is a much larger shop with an equally broad range of designs.


See what I get up to when not talking travel at my Land of Happy Things Zazzle Store.

Last but not least, I now have a new website area to highlight my weekly Zazzling Ideas. The sheer volume of products found on Zazzle is mind-boggling so I thought it would be fun to shortlist a few items on the blog each Friday.


If you’re on Facebook visit my Zazzle Daily Picks page highlighting products hourly for most of the day. Oodles of unique gifts to be found, check it out!


These are not only of my products, but includes other designer’s work that I enjoy. If you are looking for unique, interesting and personalised gift inspiration – travel related or otherwise – definitely check my Zazzling Ideas section – it’s full of my favourite picks!

There are running costs associated with this blog; while I carry advertising, that alone does not cover the expenses. Should you make a purchase from the OnePennyTourist Travel Zazzle Store then a big THANK YOU; by doing so, you directly support the site.

Happy Zazzling!

Penny - Writer and owner of Travel Blog -



Ps. it should be fairly obvious but just to make sure it’s completely transparent, this page and my Zazzle Daily and Weekly Picks contain affiliate links.