Thursday, June 20

Zazzling Ideas: Gift Inspiration for October 23rd

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Zazzling Ideas: Year Round Gift Inspiration for Traveller's and more.

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Zazzling Ideas: Gift Inspiration for October 23rd


I realise that I am horribly biased, but I think the Union Jack is such a cool flag – it’s no wonder it’s become trendy on, well…everything! Love this little gift bag though.

UK Union Jack Flag Abstract Scribble Small Gift Bag

One day I just thought I’d have a little fun playing around as a Shopaholic, hehe.
Just for fun - "Shopaholic At Work" Sign Tote Bag
USA Shopaholic At Work Sign Tote Bag by LandofHappyThings (Me!)
Unfortunately this item isn’t available on Zazzle UK 🙁

I try to avoid doubling up with items here and on my Zazzle Daily Picks, but I posted it a while ago. I really like this – would be a great way to cheer yourself up in winter!

This is pretty much how I feel. At least I would if money was no object 😛 I can still dream though, right?!

This is also one of my own items – love the warm colours on this, don’t you? (It also makes me think of chocolate, mmm 😉 )

This would make a great accent tile in a kitchen or similar. I think Digital art is so cool when it’s done right.

Amsterdam digital landscape painting, Netherlands Large Square Tile
USA Amsterdam digital landscape painting, Netherlands Square Tile
UK Amsterdam digital landscape painting, Netherlands Square Tile

Omg, this is beyond cute (Though obviously still not as cute as a penguin…)

This was one of my first designs, and still one of my favourites 🙂

This is awesome, I know some huge cat fans that would love this *giggles lots*

Oooh, I do love a bit of Steam-punk!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s Zazzling Ideas: Gift Inspiration for October 23rd – see you again next week for more picks!

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