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Streetmosphere in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has many secrets and surprises, quite often this is what people refer to as part of the Disney ‘magic’. They may not all appear on park schedules though, and sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

One of these little surprises are the Streetmosphere actors, who are found primarily in the Magic Kingdom and at Disney’s Hollywood studios (the latter being a topic for a future post!).

Streetmosphere of the Magic Kingdom includes Mayor Weaver
Look out for Mayor Weaver on Main Street ©Scott Smith – Creative Commons

These colourful Streetmosphere characters ‘live’ on Main Street and can sometimes be found mingling with guests. They are not guaranteed to be in attendance so it’s just down to luck whether you’ll bump into these local residents.

There’s the Honorable Christopher George Weaver – Mayor of Main Street, who is sometimes accompanied by his wife, the Lady Mayor. Another you might find is the larger than life Chief Smokey Miller, the Fire Chief of the Main Street Volunteer Fire Department.

Main Street is also home (literally, she ‘owns’ The Emporium and lives above) to Miss Hildegard Olivia Harding – socialite, suffragette and President of the Main Street Social Society, Women’s Auxilliary and Decorating Committee. Phew, quite the mouthful. You’ll find her hard at work campaigning against the Mayor!

Streetmosphere on Main Street
Victoria Trumpetto always has something to say

Victoria Trumpetto is the bubbly Main Street Choir Director and Miss Inga DaPointe (loving the pun) is Fashion Editor of the Main Street Gazette – be sure to compliment her on her outfit when striking up a conversation.

Sometimes found together are Miss Beatrice Starr, the Chairwoman of the Main Street Thespian Society and her Matchmaking friend Mrs Frances Fermata.

Main Street residents opening Magic Kingdom
The Main Street residents can also be spotted opening the Magic Kingdom

Last but not least is the rather dapper Scoop Sanderson, the Main Street Gazette Reporter. Are you a Pin Trader? Scoop is too and is happy to trade!

So if you spot the Streetmosphere residents, don’t be shy – stop and talk. These guys are sharp and witty, so the more you interact the better potential for a unique memory. They will chat, gossip, joke and of course, pose with or for you, for some great photos.

Miss Inga DaPointe
Main Street Fashionista – Miss Inga DaPointe

Have you met any of these Streetmosphere characters in the Magic Kingdom?

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