Thursday, June 20

Cliche post about meeting the world

Dear world, how are you? I really am so very pleased to meet you.

Forgive me for being a little forward because I realise we’ve only just met but you see, I feel like I know you already. We have something in common, we both like to travel.

*awkward pause*

Bah, ok, I’ve never been very good at introductions, so lets just pretend that awkward moment didn’t just happen and get on with things, eh? Besides, if you’re really interested in ‘meeting’ me, you can find out more by reading my riveting* About Me page.

(*It’s not riveting)

So, umm, moving swiftly on…

Yes, I really will grab any excuse for a cute photo
Yes, I really will grab any excuse for a cute photo

“The hardest part of starting your blog is…starting your blog” 

I remember reading something, somewhere, that said that and it really struck a chord with me as at the time I was blundering around figuring out where to even begin with what would eventually turn into OnePennyTourist.

Thinking up a blog name that suits while also being easy for people to remember it is bad enough. Throw in a matching domain (Wooooooo! This name is brilliant and inspired and original, it rocks and I’m so proud of myse…wait, what? What do you mean someone else has already thought of it?!) and web hosting and it gets even harder.

And that’s before writing a single word, arghh!

And yet, here I am, like that little raccoon peeping out, finally taking my first cautious footsteps into the travel blogosphere and full of all the usual worries that a new blog entails.

Will I be able to write often enough?

Will I be interesting enough?

Trying to convince myself that it doesn’t really matter anyhow because obviously I am writing for myself (yeah, right).

Will I run out of inspiration in future?

Will I, like so many other new bloggers, fail to even last a year?

Time will tell, and there will undoubtably be many newbie posts and rookie mistakes made along the way – but I’m hoping it’ll at least be fun to find out.