Wednesday, July 17

Bucket list destinations: Niagara Falls

I think most of us have a travel bucket list, I mean surely we’ve all seen a photo and thought ‘I’d like to go there‘? There are places I want to visit, but between time and budget I don’t know how or when I’ll manage to fit it in and so my list gets longer and longer.

For some it’s a holy grail of places to visit before they die. For me it’s a travel ‘to-do’ list – and like any other to-do list, I know there will always be things I put off and never end up doing.

But that’s ok, because a bucket list should never be empty.

Hopefully one destination that will get ticked off my list though is Niagara Falls.

Bucket list Niagara Falls
My bucket list includes waking up to a view like this

I’ve always loved a good waterfall so my mind is a little blown at the idea of seeing something in this league – the size, the scale…

I’m also a sucker for novelty – one foot in USA, one foot in Canada, oh god I totally want to do that. I don’t care how cheesy it is – just sign me up NOW, ok?

I would probably try and stay on the Canadian side of the Falls, but not because Canada is better than the USA or anything. It’s because if I stay on the USA side, I get a panoramic view of a natural wonder of the world and….casinos, high rise buildings and neon lights. Not me.

Viewing Canada at Niagara Falls
Looking across the Falls towards Canada

Both sides would get a whole lot of lovin’ from me regardless but those tall buildings also offer a birds eye view of the Falls and who doesn’t want to wake up to that?

Another thing I’d like to see is how they light the area up at night which gives it a whole new beautiful perspective. I love when they do it with different colours.

Niagara Falls lit up at night with colours
Niagara Falls lit up at night – soooo pretty

I went to New York years ago and would love to go back – if I do, I’ve read about a train route you can take from New York to Niagara Falls that appeals to me as an alternative to flying. It takes 7 hours so not something to do if in a rush, but I like the idea of being able to just chill, look out the window and watch the scenery pass by.

Toronto is another alternative that I have my eye on visiting, especially as I see some great flight prices sometimes. It’s very close by so maybe one day I’ll visit there and get to tick two things off my to-do list at once, hurrah!

Niagara Falls Bucket List

A huge source of inspiration for me is Pinterest. It’s a curse as well as a blessing for a travel daydreamer like me as I’m constantly adding places I want to visit. Niagara Falls is just one of many, many places on my ever expanding travel bucket list.

Is Niagara Falls on your bucket list? Or perhaps you’ve already been. If so, which side did you stay on and did you have a preference?

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